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Changing your cushions and pillows with the season, adding new soft accessories it will not just be the sofa that looks better, it will be the whole room! Try new colours and interior looks without committing to a costly project, or simply embrace new trends.

Scatter cushions, pillows and bolsters with eye-catching designs, bold colours, textures and unusual patterns can make your room feel as though it’s been newly decorated. 

More than just adding an extra feather-filled layer to your home, statement cushions are a simple and inexpensive way to update the style of your living space, sofa, chair or bed, instantly adding pattern, colour, texture and of course comfort.

Cushions are easy accessories to incorporate into an interior scheme. Floral cushions in soft colours or bold shades teamed with structured print-pattern repeats or plains such as velvet for a luxurious combination and a modern look. A riot of florals has a charming country look for a real vintage feel. 

A beautifully worked heirloom piece in either needlepoint or embroidery finely crafted by anon, reworked to make gorgeous statement pillow will bring an artistic detail to your room. A selection of textures, wool, velvet and linen in bold colours or muted shades perfect for adding extra style and elegance. Mix old and new by layering.

Adding designer or perhaps embroidered cushions can subtly ring the changes in a room, revitalise a space or initiate a whole new decorating scheme. A selection of block printed style geometrics, all over patterns and plant motifs incorporate timeless classics with modern textiles, instantly adding pattern colour texture and of course comfort.

You can add an expensive touch with a designer cushion or pillow, without the designer price tag. Perfect for snuggling into the sofa and relaxing.

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