Cushions By Colour

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When choosing cushions here a few tips for working with colour schemes.

Tonal or monochromatic

Use just one colour but vary the tones and strengths throughout the room. For example, neutrals or light blue and dark blue cushions.

You can use more than one colour on opposing sides of the colour wheel such as red and green cushions but all they will all need the same depth of tone. Nature demonstrates a toning scheme perfectly, think of the several different shades of green, leaves, grass and trees beautifully co-existing.

Or think of a beach, the neutrals of slate grey pebbles mixed with the muted brown and caramels of driftwood and sand, in a variety of sized cushions and pillows.


Pick colours next to each other or near each other on the wheel such as yellow and green or pinks and purple.

If you want a harmonious colour scheme, look at the leaves of golden yellow and russet red slowly turning into copper and terracotta on an autumnal day, or a flower garden border to see how the pink and purple of lupins graduate into the bluey mauve and purples of delphinium and foxgloves.

Cushion in these colours can give a look that is easy to live with and are tranquil and restful. It is easy to create a balanced, unified colour scheme that is pleasing to the eye using harmonious coloured pillows.

Complementary or contrasting

These are colours that lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. These colours naturally go with one another, think of the red and green of an apple, or the purple and yellow of an iris.

Flowers are perfect for looking at complementary colours. Look at the delicate mauve of a crocus bulb paired with its opposite colour of vibrant yellow on its stamens, or vibrant red berries nestling with a glossy, green holly leaves. Complementary colour cushions and pillows will inject some life into a room.

Creating mood.

Try using warm, advancing colours such as red and terracotta pillows in areas where you want people to feel welcomed such as the living room, dining room and hall.

Take your inspiration from nature, using natural shades with green and brown. Or lush green cushions with glorious pinks for a floral garden scheme.

You may want your dining room to be smart and formal for entertaining, try navy blue or red cushions. Make the colours bolder by going for a deeper more intense cushion shade.

A chic, contemporary bedroom could be conjured from layering neutrals such as natural shade pillows, grey and black cushions or create a dramatic boudoir with purples and reds. Experiment with combinations, for example, light soft grey cushions with a vibrant deep pink pillow or other way around, deep slate charcoal grey pillows with a sugar almond pink cushion.

Showing 1–48 of 570 results