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A little bit about me! I have been sewing for as long as I can remember, as a small child I had a love of all crafts especially if they involved fabric, thread and yarn. Many happy hours were spent sewing, knitting and generally cutting things up, then putting them back together again.

My love of textiles has stayed with me, in my spare time I make quilts in all shapes and sizes, dabble in embroidery and more recently appliqued lampshades all using the scraps from my cushions.

I enjoy the process of taking a flat piece of cloth and making useful comfy cushion. Each piece of fabric is handpicked for its appeal that day. Could be the mood, the weather, time of year or simply because it is beautiful. I will carefully position patterns and choose trimmings to ensure a wide variety of cushions, in all shapes and sizes.

Kimberley Dawn Sewing Services

Due to my magpie nature of sourcing fabrics and trimmings, supplies are sometimes limited, so if you see something you like, don’t delay in making your purchase or you could miss out.

I also offer a customised making service. If you have a piece of fabric or length of trimming you would like made into your own special cushion, please contact me with the details. Any fabric can be used: new or old, recycled, pre-loved, vintage, even a silk scarf or a favourite dress.

I hope you find my website attractive and easy to use and my choice of fabrics inspiring!

Best wishes

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